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How to Install a Wood Fired Hot Tub Coil Kit

How to Install a Wood Fired Hot Tub Coil Kit

  • Saturday, 29 June 2024
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How to Install a Wood Fired Hot Tub Coil Kit

The wood fired hot tub coil kit is a simple yet effective way to heat your stock tank hot tub. It uses a scientific phenomenon called thermosyphon to circulate water and eliminates the need for electricity or a pump. The water is heated by the fire in your wood stove and naturally rises through the insulated stainless steel heater coil. This is then sucked back down through the bottom inlet of the tub creating a steady flow without any effort or power needed.

The hot water system is also easy to clean and maintain as the entire system is open, making for an easily accessible and sanitary way to soak. A key benefit of the wood fired tub is that it uses a natural heating process with no chemicals required, which is much healthier and more environmentally responsible than conventional hot tubs.

This system is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a natural and relaxing wood fired hot tub but doesn’t have the space or budget for an in-ground tub. The tub can be used year round, even during colder weather, and provides an enjoyable outdoor experience that is more social than a traditional hot tub.

One of the downsides to a wood fired hot tub is the time it takes to fill up from empty and then again for each use. This can take up to an hour or more when using a standard hose pipe. However, the time it takes to get the tub ready for a soak is much less with the coil system.

Aside from the ease of use and ecological benefits, a wood fired hot tub offers the added benefit of being able to soak while the fire burns and the stars come out. This is a great way to relax with friends and family or just relax alone with a good book and a glass of wine.

To begin with, the first step is to choose your location for the tub. Once you have found a spot to set your tub, dig within that area and prepare the foundation for it. Depending on the size of your tub, this may involve using slabs or a form to support it and then pouring concrete so that it sits up off the ground.

Once the foundation is completed, you can begin to install the tub. Ensure that your coil is completely submerged under the water to prevent the occurrence of dry firing. If the water level drops below the point where warm water is pumped out of the coil, it will simply sit in the coil, leading to the potential for scalding and bacteria growth.

While a wood fired hot tub is an excellent way to enjoy a soothing and therapeutic soak, it cannot compete with the full features of a conventional electric spa pool. This includes moulded seats, seating arrangements, hydrotherapy jets and lighting effects. Moreover, it is recommended to use an approved sanitiser in all spa pools and tubs to avoid the occurrence of water-borne diseases.

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