• Wood fired hot tub coil kit

Wood fired hot tub coil kit

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Wood fired hot tub coil kit,a critical component to DIY build your own wood burning hot tub.The heater coil kit includes one stainless steel coil,two fire-resistant rubber hose,two tub fittings and four pipe clamps.

What parts will you get?

You will get the following parts: 1x heater coil, 2x hoses, 2x tub fittings, 4x pipe clamps;

Product specification:

The kit is must-have part to build your own outdoor hot tub heated by wood burning.

Its specification as following:

Heater coil: Made of food-grade stainless steel,tube diameter 25mm, and coil diameter 35cm,high 29cm,8 circles.

Connecting hose: Long 50cm per piece.Made of fire-resistant silicon rubber tube,it can stand high temperature,has good performance of insulation.

Tub fitting: it suits for tub with wall thickness from 0 to 22mm.You can open hole dia.40mm on the tub wall.

Weight: 7kg in total,easy to take.

Outstanding features: Use harmless sanitary material,no rust forever,2 years warranty.Peaceful and smooth flowing assures natural hot circulation can be executed efficiently,reduce heating time and improve heating efficiency,save your wood cost.

* If you want more configurations or want us to customize heater coil,please visit our parent company:

About price:

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